Thursday, May 16, 2013

Princeton Reverb Clone - First Impressions

I finally completed the testing of the Princeton clone I have been building since January.  Some of the basic spec available here.

First impressions of the amp are great - much richer and mellower sounding than my stock Princeton Re-Issue.  Huge amount of bass - in fact I will probably need to tweak this circuit in the future to calm it down a bit.  That also goes for the reverb - its pretty unusable above 4 or 5.

Enjoy some sound clips - I welcome your feedback!

Clean Tones

Dirty Tones


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue or Turquoise?

I had some good feedback on the Lake Placid Blue guitar that I put together earlier in the year.  Ultimately I sold the guitar as it wasn't close enough to the colour I was looking for.

I have since done some research on how to achieve an authentic look using blue, and discovered that I am favoring Ocean Turquoise such as the examples from the Fender Custom shop shown here (though they look pretty close to Lake Placid Blue to me?)

Having said that when I have shown these pics to Fender dealers they suspect these are actually custom colours that have been specially mixed to emulate how Ocean Turquoise would have aged over 40 years.  They look nothing like a new Ocean Turquoise guitar.

The search for the perfect 'blue' continues.