About Grail Guitars

Building relic guitars and amps is a way of recreating a piece of history and owning and using instruments that are usually prohibitively expensive to own and gig with.

My name is Steve, and I resent paying alot of money for 'average' mass produced guitars, and feel I can produce something customized at a higher quality that represents really good value for money.

The guitars on the site are those that I enjoy owning & playing, made to my specification favouring Bare Knuckle Pickups, Klein Pickups, Rosewood Fretboards, Vintage hardware and Nitro finishes.

I don't use cheap parts, build to a price or have the overheads of a large company.  I build bespoke instruments at fraction of the cost of the well known 'Custom Shops'.

If you're here, I'm assuming that you are a fan of vintage guitars and like the look and feel of a well played instrument - If you are interested in finding out more about anything you see on the site please email me at stephen.edward@googlemail.com

Thanks for stopping by....

Grail Guitars

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