Grail Sonic Blue 'Historic Hybrid' Strat

This is a professionally built guitar using a two piece Alder body cut to vintage S style specs and finished with an aged vintage 100% nitro lacquer Sonic Blue finish by The Relic Guitar Studio, UK.

The neck is interesting in that it's built around an original early 60’s spec, fitted with a thick slab rosewood board 7.25” radius, but it has a soft V back profile, which gives it a really great chunky feel for chord work.

The guitar is fitted with a Bare Knuckle ‘Apache’ pickups based around 50s Alnico III singlecoils.. just great warm vintage sounding.

Finally the guitar has been fret dressed and professionally setup with a low and very playable action.

This is my ‘go-to’ gigging guitar.

Detailed Specification

Body – Two Piece Alder, Sonic Blue Nitro

Neck –V profile, Rosewood board, 7.25 Radius, vintage frets, aged nitro lacquer

Tuners – Kluson style split posts, aged nickel

Pickups – Bare Knuckle Apache

See what else youtube has to say about the Apache Singlecoils..

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