Silverface Music Master

I picked up a well used Music Master cheap on ebay and decided to improve this under-rated practice amp from the ‘70s.

Although originally sold as a Bass amp it has built a small following of guitarists who tweak it for use as a guitar amp.  Versatility is not this amps thing – just 12 watts of 6v6 powered tubey goodness.

It’s a simple amp design – a bit like a Champ but with a 12” speaker.

The standard mods are well documented here.  Essentially to tweak the Volume/Tone circuit to mimic a Fender Harvard,  the coupling capacitors to fatten the tone, and replace the original crappy speaker.

The amp that I bought came all original, including valves, so I also replaced them with TungSol 6v6s.

Sprague Atoms - expensive but good.

Speaker was replaced with Jensen P12Q Alnico.

I  have not got round to recording a demo yet, but you can hear a stock model on youtube with single coils.. sweet bedroom amp.

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